Wednesday, 9 September 2009

I Love Maude.

As I (hope) you all know I run a little folksy shop (a little folksy shop ). And so I spend a lot of my time browsing other user’s shops. During my recent searches I was lucky enough to stumble across Maude;

I have fallen in love with the Colourful button bird jumper, it’s so sweet and whimsical, the sketch of the bird would be a stunning image on it’s own, luckily for us Maude has encrusted it with charming coloured buttons. If only I was a size 12 I would have snapped it up my self.

You can buy the Colourful button bird jumper from Maude for £45, what a bargain!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Halloween Is Coming!!

Halloween has always been my favourite time of year, I start thinking about what to wear in May and by this time of year I’m so excited I could burst! I anticipate it in the way that kids anticipate Christmas.

In honour of the almighty Halloween I have been making some Halloween brooches to go into my shop:

Happy Ghost

Bashfull Ghost

Marylin Ghost

All The ghosts at their house!
As alway all of my ghosts are for sale in my folksy shop: And I'd be more than happy for you to have them!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

What's The Time Mr Wolfe?

I have always had a love for pocket watches; I love everything about them, the old timey charm, the delicate engraving, the way the chain looks going from the pocket to the bodice, everything about them really appeals to me, however I have never owned such a treasure!

Last night, thinking of pocket watches I sat down to do some sewing, and yes, you guessed it, I started to sew a felt pocket watch! I know that sounds a bit mad and it probably is however I am in love with it! It’s all my will power to sell it but as a strict skirt wearer I never have pockets and so for me it’s just a watch.

I hope you love it as much as I do, if by chance you fancy buying it you can! Here

Cupcake Snowstorm Joins The Party!

I mentioned in my opening entry yesterday that I would be featuring other crafters. Just yesterday, by some kind of spooky coincidence, my dear friend Lucie opened her charming shop:

Lucie makes quirky and kitsch brooches with stacks of beading, they’re simply to die for!

Make sure, if you’re on folksy, to favourite her shop and check back often, she informed me last night that there will be an update today, I for one will be very much looking forward to it!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

My Wet Feet, A Poem

My Wet Feet.

I stepped, in my bare feet, outside today.

Right into a puddle, from the rain the night before.

The puddle was warm.

Oh! How my toes did rejoice, to be smothered in warm, muddy water.

I wiggled them, 10 little piggies together.

And sploshed,

And splished

And splashed

And soaked my trouser legs.

When I went back inside, to dry my little feet, my trousers dripped.

Creating puddles of their own.

A few years a go a tried my hand at being a "poet" I was published in an anthology and my work was quite popular on a poetry website. As I got older I found it harder to write and in the end it petered out. Every now and then I have flashes of inspiration, the poem above was one of them, hope you enjoyed it! (expect this poem with an illustration for sale at soon)


My name is Jenni and I'm an artist, I have always been an artist, witnesses tell me I was drawing before I could talk. My name is Jenni and I'm a fidget. Being this fidgeting artist I have never managed to settle down into one discipline, I have tried my hand at painting, sketching, graphic design, fashion and sculpture to name but a few.

This summer I have managed to be a bit more controlled and have discovered the Joy of Felt. (Well I say joy, I actually hate the stuff, the feel of it sets my teeth on edge, but I love the end result so I suffer for my art.) I have spent the past 6 weeks or so crafting intricte felt brooches, when I had made so many that the pouches in my sewing box were bursting at the seems I decide it was time to send them on their merry way and so was born.

This Blog is mainly to document my shop, my love of craft and art, a place for me to let you know about artists or crafters that I love, and maybe, if you're lucky, entries about my guinea pigs.

But what about this fidgeting artist?! I hear you cry!!

Well, My name is Jenni, I am recently married and live with my husband, two Chinese hamsters (Julian and Wanda) and two guinea pigs (Noah and Logan) we all live in a little house in Hull, England and life is sweet.