Wednesday, 19 August 2009

My Wet Feet, A Poem

My Wet Feet.

I stepped, in my bare feet, outside today.

Right into a puddle, from the rain the night before.

The puddle was warm.

Oh! How my toes did rejoice, to be smothered in warm, muddy water.

I wiggled them, 10 little piggies together.

And sploshed,

And splished

And splashed

And soaked my trouser legs.

When I went back inside, to dry my little feet, my trousers dripped.

Creating puddles of their own.

A few years a go a tried my hand at being a "poet" I was published in an anthology and my work was quite popular on a poetry website. As I got older I found it harder to write and in the end it petered out. Every now and then I have flashes of inspiration, the poem above was one of them, hope you enjoyed it! (expect this poem with an illustration for sale at soon)

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